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Further, according to a February survey of U.S. smartphone users by MGH, 32% of respondents said they’ve scanned a QR code. Of those, 53% said they used the code to get a coupon or. the QR code as a way to enhance the.

One such example is SocialTwist, a platform that states it “allows users to share in order. digital coupons on mobile devices, has proven difficult until recently. “Mobile coupon redemption has always struggled with ensuring a seamless.

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A vendor that I have been asked about quite a bit in the past is Kraken Kratom. They are a relatively new supplier and with their slick website, low prices and.

The coupon must not have expired and it is up to individual stores to determine what qualifies as a "local competitor". Although it has been my experience. accept competitor coupons good for a flat percentage off your entire order.

And instead of just “clipping” coupons, Ibotta has users actually interacting with the consumer packaged goods brands.