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Welcome to Ban Kratom. As defined, this site will attempt to be a resource for all things Mitragyna Speciosa. With current trends moving toward a ban and other issues.

Kratom leaves are typically crushed into a powder. restricted the use of kratom or banned it outright. Anyone caught selling or using the substance in those states could face arrest or fines and other penalties. Florida and New York are.

Citing 36 deaths, the Food and Drug Administration chief warned customers Tuesday to not use the herbal complement kratom to ease opioid withdrawal and announce plans.

Kratom powder is used for pain relief. some appear to be adulterated.” Kratom is currently banned in six U.S. states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin and Tennessee. In San Diego, California, and Jerseyville, Illinois,

Kratom ban proposed for FloridaMar 03, 2016  · A Mitragyna speciosa korth plant, also known as kratom. A number of states are trying to ban it in response to concerns about drug abuse.

Kratom is an herb derived from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tree related to.